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Zackary Drucker

American born Zachary Drucker is a transgender multimedia artist, television producer, LGBT+ activist and actress. Her work aims to break down the way heteronormative society see and visulaise LGBT+ content, including sexuality, ‘seeing’ and gender in media. Drucker has been nominated for the emmy award for her production work on the documentary series ‘This Is Me’  as well as her work on the production ‘Transparent’. 

Drucker’s work has been performed and exhibited internationall and nationally throughout America including ‘Whitney Biennial 2014MoMA PS1Hammer MuseumArt Gallery of Ontario, MCA San Diego, and SF MoMA’ as it says directly on her website. 

This Is Me is a series of heartfelt and comedic short stories from the transgender community, including being writted , produced and created by a majoritivley gender none conforming and sexually diverse crew and cast. The anthology explores the experiences, issues and hardships faced by those who aren’t apart of the cis-normative society and identify as gender none conforming or transgender. Each episode takes a specific theme that validates these issues, such as coming out, community, the importance of inter-generational communication as well as more political topics such as the transgender rights and the bathroom debate in America.
Below I have inserted a small interview style video that originally introduced me to Zachary Drucker on Youtube.


And Below is a similar video explaining Druckers’ ‘This Is Me’. 


Another work of Druckers is Transparent.


Transparent is an American comedy TV series that explores the ups and downs of a transgendered parent who comes out to his family. The series explores themes of religion, family, gender idenity and American society; additionally Soloway and Drucker explained that they explored this gender identity through ‘a wounded father being replaced by a blossoming femininity’ and celebrated the release and positivity that acceptance can create.

Drucker also explores very stylised and unique photography surrounding these issues on a less commercial level. These are what interest me most about Druckers work as I feel they are more personal to Drucker and express a creative freedom that is not seen within alot of her more commercial work. One such example is her work that explores ‘the real and the uncouncious’, playing with both real and mythical narratives that intertwine into one in her photo-series ‘ Portraits of Flawless Sabrina’5 East 73rd Street
2005-2007, C-Prints mounted on Aluminum, variable sizes (8 x 8 – 40 x 40”).

What attracts me most to this work is the style of photography and the colour stories. The photos look as those they were taken on a disposable or instant like camera, possibley with flash , and capture a very ‘night out/backstage’ feel. The colours are bold and unapologetic, with everything exposed in the moment, almost capturing the energy of the click of the camera. Alot of my photography has previously been very staged and scripted, I think after exploring Drucker’s I would like to add more energy and natural movement and ‘realness’ into my photography.


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